Accreditation Document Review

Reviewing Accreditaion Documents and Helping Meeting Accreditation Requirements

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Targeting Individuals or Small Groups to Provide Bespoke Support

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Industrial Automation

Concepts and Fundamentals for Today’s World of Automation and Control Application

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Training on Leadership Practices Development

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Project Management

Skills and Tools for Successful Project Managers and Personnel

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Training and Development

Working with Organizations on Learning and Development practices

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Optimation – Learning and Development Challenge on Purpose

Optimation FZE is located in Dubai Airport Free Zone with operations in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. By collaborating with our customers and industry experts, we are able to provide advanced applications, business best-practices, and prescriptive guidance for Learning and Development, and Service Support requirements. Our clients are in Automation and Education industry.

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To promote a culture of life-long learning and a growth mindset at educational and industrial institutions

To effect change in institutions through bespoke training and quality consultancy

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